"Heroes and Hormones is an important wake up call for us all.  In our modern society, material wealth is increasing, while happiness and health are on the decline.  Mali Alcobi's book, which is accessible and provocative, interesting and well-researched, provides a much-needed antidote to the challenges of modernity.  Read it, follow its prescriptions, and become a hero- for your sake and for the sake of those you care about"​

Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar, Author of The New York Times bestseller
"Happier: Learn the Secrets to Daily Joy and Lasting Fulfillment"

"This new book by the Israeli work-life consultant and writer, Mali Alcobi, takes as much courage to read as it did to write, for she takes us on a journey to places not before traveled by any quality of life advocates who have preceded her. As the title indicates, Mali fearlessly tackles such topics as the role that hormones play in behavior, addiction, health outcomes, and even the frequency and quality of sexual intimacy. Her AirPort Technique is a contemporary spin on our generation’s struggle to win the battle with overwork, one that arms the reader with some unorthodox but effective tools and approaches, such as the “Divorcee Technique” and “Shrink the Grandmother.” She unabashedly tells us what to eat, how and when (earlier the better!) to choose a mate, how to run a meeting – all of which contributes to a comprehensive plan for getting a grip on your life.
The efficacy of her unique “how-to” advice is reinforced by interviews with “Real Life Super Heroes” in and outside of the many corporate enterprises she has consulted with over the past decade.
A must read for anyone who cares about their work, themselves, their children and significant others."

Kathleen Lingle, Architect of Change, former Executive Director of Alliance for Work Life Progress

© 2016 Heroes and Hormones, Mali Alcobi

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