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The Book

Do you feel that something has gone wrong in your life? You are not alone. Despite our seemingly comfortable lives, more than ever before, we feel pressure from all sides. We have time for nothing, have no balance, and it seems we need to be superheroes to keep our sanity and combine family life with a career.
Research in recent years supports it: In the last few decades, data show that activity and stress levels, the spread of diseases, and even frequency of sex point to a serious problem. Our nutrition is not as good, our health is declining, and free time has become a scarce commodity.
Why? Among other reasons, it is due to the exponential increase in screen time in our lives. Smartphones and computers suck us into them, swallowing all fertile ground – from talking with friends and family to healthy physical activity and ending with…yes…sex.
How can you find your way out of the maze?
This revolutionary guide points to the most effective, innovative path to facing hardships and temptations in our modern world: The AirPort Technique© (APT). It teaches us how to correctly define goals, how to create favorable conditions for the achievement of these goals, and…become superheroes for ourselves and for those we treasure most.
This technique has already changed the lives of many worldwide.

Buy a ticket.
Welcome aboard...
Heroes and Hormones is dealing with the diseased laden future - if we do not take care of it now – that is awaiting us. The fact that most people in the western – affluent – world are screen addicted, work-addicted and junk food addicted is a signal for us to change that painful future by paying attention to our health, the balance of our hormones and the quality of our life. We can and should decide to change that dark future by becoming Super Heroes.
How do we do that? Read the book to find out. Backed by many state of the art research papers as well as stories of real life people and the author own experience, bring up to date examples of the price we pay for that imbalance in our lives. Starting with lower productivity and loyalty at work and ending with health hazards that could be eliminated if only we decided that life was worth taking control over. These health hazards include the family relations – or lack of them – the connection with the children, with the spouses and friends.
The original approach in the book has it that CEOs as well as parents students and retired people can find, adhere to and enjoy a balanced life by adopting the simple rules offered in this book.  They are easy to follow and a challenge to practice over a long period of time, for which we recruit the wonderfully addictive assistance of hormones the body secrets when we come home earlier than usual to be with the children, when we consistently practice sports, when we place a simple request to spend a vacation with our spouses harnessing the will of the system in our favor. The book takes into consideration the difficulty people have to deal with in order to achieve their desired results. This is called the AirPort Technique , because it force one to take a stand that require the same attitude as a booked flight you'd rather not miss. 
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